A special focus of the Innovators is our support of the Dallas Symphony’s Young Strings Program. The Young Strings Program was founded more than 20 years ago by the musicians of the Dallas Symphony and is designed to increase the diversity of American orchestras. The Dallas Symphony Young Strings program develops the talents of exceptional African American and Latino string players in the city of Dallas. The mission of the Young Strings program is to provide its students with the skills, lessons, opportunities and resources essential for success both in college and careers in music.

Want to know more about the Young Strings? This excellent documentary from Quin Mathews films is just amazing!

A special treat for Innovators is getting to hear various Young Strings performers at our Behind the Scenes.

Our volunteer program provides many opportunities to meet our Young Strings performers and help with recitals.

To learn more, visit the Young Strings website.



Program Chair:
Doug Fix